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Handing Out Valentine Cards

--by Christine88, posted Mar 24, 2022
I never did share  my  experience giving away valentine cards. I had made about 20 large cards and 10 small tiny ones. I made the envelopes on those as well. I was going to sell them but decided to give them away.

My first person. A coworker and I went to drop off a work vehicle at car dealership for warranty work. An elderly lady was walking across to her vehicle. I walked up and said happy valentine's day and handed her the tiny card.

She looked at me puzzled. She asked, this is for me? I said yes, I make valentine's day cards and hand them out. She asked, do you work here? I said no, I'm here, blah blah. She had the sweetest irish accent. She started to cry. She said "no one ever does these kind of nice things anymore". I said "well, they happen today." 

After work I was driving. At a red light in the car next to me a dad had his window down and was speaking to his little boy (5 or 6). I rolled down my window and said" hi!" He smiled and said "hi how are you?" I said "good, here I want to give you something". I jumped out and gave his son a larger valentine card and said happy valentine's day. They both were happy and said thank you! The little boy had a box full of candy and valentine's on his lap.

I went to get my food at my local casino restaurant I frequent by my home. I handed out the rest of the cards to the employees there. It was a great day.
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scully wrote: So happy to hear this Christine88! Cards and words make a difference! Keep it up! My daughter missed Valentine’s Day at school, but upon her return classmates gave her cards with heart and chocolate too..she was thrilled.
cheeka wrote: that is amazing. You made a few people smile with valentine's day cards.
SissyLee wrote: Lovely!
Rajni wrote: You did a very good job with your Valentine's Day cards. May others get inspired.
dotmatrix wrote: Oh your post made me cry. The sweet lady you met. Kindness is SO healing. ♥.
drjoybug wrote: Well done
pluto178 wrote: Spreading the love x
kmbhai wrote: Wonderful ...
balou wrote: So kind of you! What a beautiful way to give away the valentines cards and to spread kindness!
mindyjourney wrote: Spreading LOVE ❤️ and kindness through your creativity! Thank you :))).

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