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Shelves For Teachers

--by iferlamb, posted Mar 26, 2022
I work at a title one elementary school. The staff restrooms were drab and lacked a place for teachers to set things down in order to use the restroom. Early on,I overheard teachers talking about skipping an opportunity to use the restroom because there was no place to set things down. I sprang into action and purchased small bookshelves for each staff restroom, assembled and placed them without anyone knowing it was me. I also added paintings I had done to beautify those space. I received not when I noticed teachers were using the shelves!!
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DANCE wrote: How kind and generous, thank you!
Balou wrote: A really nice idea! Thank you, for making this space more comfortable for yourself and your colleagues!
pluto178 wrote: Complaining about what a place is NOT for you is pointless you sprang into action and made it what you DO want well done action is required for dreams x
Mish wrote: Beautiful caring kindness! Bless.🙏💖
scully wrote: Wow nice touch iferlamb!
Rajni wrote: You grabbed very useful opportunity and worked on it selflessly and quickly. It is very inspiring. May God continue to bless you,
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's a wonderful idea and as you say - teachers need a break.
janfour wrote: great nice thing to do
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for taking action when you saw a need! :)))
dotmatrix wrote: How kind of you. Wow! Paintings and shelves, anonymously? I bet they were surprised and thrilled. I'm sure your kindness will be appreciated often! ♥.

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