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Donate a Book Change a Life

--by Rajni, posted Apr 20, 2022
Saturday March 12, I was walking to meet my friend. On the way I gave some quote cards. At the bus stop I found 4 young girls waiting for the bus. I gave them some quote cards and a booklet on Positive Thinking in Gujarati and talked about positive thinking.

Walking further, I asked a man on scooter how far is Vijay cross road? He came behind me and gave me a ride to my friend's place. I reached there in time. I am grateful to him.

My friend is running a project to send inspiring books to different libraries. I gave him booklets and donation for some books for libraries. I am just a part of the donation. It was a KS friend that gave part of it. I am grateful to them.

The image says "Donate a book, change a life"

Bigger is better.

Donate books to libraries and change many lives.
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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: Thank you, as always
Mish wrote: Thank you for always finding ways to help make our world a better place, Rajni 🙏
Rajni wrote: I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities and helping and guiding me.
Balou wrote: Thank you for making such a wonderful donation to the library, Rajni! Books open up so many worlds, wisdom, knowledge, food for thought .... and glad you got a bit of your kindness returned to you by geting a lift to your friends place!
scully wrote: Way to go and thank you Rajni
butterkind wrote: That is a very good donation. Good books can change lives of people and it sure has changed me.
cheeka wrote: "Donate a book, change a life" - what a great way of spreading the joy of positive thinking, Rajni! We just donated a whole bunch of children's book to a government school.
mindyjourney wrote: Books are such a gift that keeps on giving! 📚 Thank you :)

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