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Tickets For Cousin's Trip

--by ado, posted Apr 22, 2022
My cousin travelled to Paris for a little vacation. I wanted to give him a small gift so he could have a good time there. I bought him a ticket to attend the Orchestre de Paris.

He's considered a young adult so I was able to buy him a ticket at a reduced price in a very good location. He was travelling with his friend so I bought his friend a ticket as well so they can enjoy the concert together.

He told me that the Philmarmonie de Paris is stunning and the concert was a highlight of their trip.

I really like this cousin, he's a terrific guy and since I am not able to attend such nice concerts because of travel I wanted him to enjoy it. It's like me being there.

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Readers Comments

Does it matter wrote: Traveling can only take you so far. Respectful behavior ado, i like this about you.
DANCE wrote: so kind, thank you!
dotmatrix wrote: What a beautiful gift. These are memories they will share forever.
Balou wrote: A wonderful gift for your cousin!... and yes, that's the beauty about giving something like that, you can share the joy of anticipation and he will tell you about it later. Gifts like this are far better than anything material as their memory will stay fo a long, lomg time.
pluto178 wrote: Lovely x
Mish wrote: So sweet & so nice of you!! 💖👏🏻
TheHuman wrote: Beautiful ❤️
scully wrote: So amazing of you, thanks ado
kmbhai wrote: very lovely ..
unknown wrote: Very kind of you to do such a thoughtful act to your cousin and his friend. God bless 💗

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