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Planting A Tree In Honor Of Our Parents

--by cheeka, posted Apr 26, 2022
Today, my brother shared with us a picture that he planted a tree in honor of our mother through this website as our mother's anniversary is coming up shortly.

I went and checked the site and was  moved by the statement
"Planting trees on someone’s behalf is a great way to honor them and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Trees clean our air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Healthy forests sustain critical habitat needed for wildlife and enhance our own outdoor pursuits"

I ordered a tree to be planted in honor of our father as well who worked in Forest department.  It felt good to honor our parents by planting trees and supporting reforestation efforts.
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DANCE wrote: Wonderful way to honour love
Mish wrote: 🙏🌲Truly a gift that keeps on giving & a lovely way to honor them.
TheBigShelb wrote: What a wonderful thing to do.
TheHuman wrote: Great!
drjoybug wrote: I really like this idea
mindyjourney wrote: What a beautiful way to honor parents 🌲 💕 🌲!
Margazhi wrote: Planning to do something similar for my brother and father shortly. Thank you for doing this. In India, we do this very religiously to honour the ancestors.
Rajni wrote: Planting a tree is a win win situation. It can help humanity beyond our imagination. You are going a very good humanitarian work. Thanks
pluto178 wrote: The best possible gift…………I have grown a small wood in my time Totoms Wood………so name after both husband and son being Tom’s………my next is yet to come but I am planning it in my mind right now. I too have an Oaks in pots for both Mother and Father ready to go into the next wood its a great way to honour your parents………..x
fairykats wrote: lovely

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