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An Uber Driver's Compassion

A few years back I suffered from a strange vertigo health issue which showed up out the blue and caused me to feel dizzy. Around that time, I had to travel to North Carolina for a business trip that I could not miss. My wife said that she wanted to accompany me on the trip, along with my daughter. They were both concerned about me. On our hour-long Uber ride to the airport, vertigo struck. As I sat in the front of the car, I couldn't help myself, vertigo came on in a rush and I threw up all over his seat. I was so embarrassed.  Quietly, I asked the Uber driver to pull over so that I could deal with the mess I created. After some clean-up and freshwater, my wife asked me if we should cancel the trip and head back home. I told her that I felt OK and ... Read Full Story >>

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Planting A Tree In Honor Of Our Parents

Today, my brother shared with us a picture that he planted a tree in honor of our mother through this website as our mother's anniversary is coming up shortly. I went and checked the site and was  moved by the statement "Planting trees on someone’s behalf is a great way to honor them and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Trees clean our air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Healthy forests sustain critical habitat needed for wildlife and enhance our own outdoor pursuits" I ordered a tree to be planted in honor of our father as well who worked in Forest department.  It felt good to honor our parents by planting trees and supporting reforestation efforts.                                    ... Read Full Story >>

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The Seeds of Education Keep on Giving

This morning I met our gardener and gave him his monthly salary. After receiving it, he paused and asked me if I could help pay the school fees for his child and deduct it from his future monthly salaries. I agreed that we would do this and he was very happy.

 Afterwards, I discussed it with my wife. She immediately told me we should fund it without deducting it from his salary. Every year we fund the school fees for a child she explained. This year let it be for our gardener's son. We both agreed that is the right thing to do. I feel happy we can be of help to support a child's education.

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Airport Employee Kindness

My daughter flew back to Los Angeles from a spring break. Her flight landed late evening from east coast. She decided to take a bus out of LAX so that shecould find an Uber faster and cheaper just outside the airport.

Turned out the bus was full of LAX employees and she was chatting with a few of them. They advised her that it is unsafe to be waiting in a street outside the LAX airport to catch Uber during late evening. 

One of the kind women in the bus literally gave a ride to my daughter all the way to her apartment, dropped her safely and did not accept a penny in return. My daughter was so thankful. 

It is the pinnacle of kindness as narrated by our daughter to us last week. 

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An Abundance of Banana to Share

We are lucky to have a fruitful banana tree in our home. It has been giving us a signal for some time to harvest the fruit.  We decided not to wait any longer and harvested the fruit and the stem which were tasty. 

It was with great pleasure that we were able to distribute the fruit to about ten families in our community, to our house helpers and to my wider circle of friends. It was a privilege to watch our banana tree grow step by step and eventually give forth a generous harvest of bananas. The tree was kind and it is a wonderful feeling to pass its generosity to those around us.

           Banana stock photo

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Sprinkles Everywhere

My nephew's daughter turned one yesterday. My wife who is a Robinhood Army ( volunteer, helped distribute cup cakes along with a few other volunteers to about 80 less fortunate kids with the message "Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere".

The cakes were made by Praneet, a young boy who has now become one of top 50 bakers in India. Today we are happy to sprinkle kindness to a few kids and make them smile.

May 28th happens to be World Hunger Day.


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Mentoring Matters

About five years ago, I was part of a pilot group for my employer tasked with figuring out how to hire and mentor people with disabilities and make them successful inside the organisation. My boss decided to be the executive sponsor for the pilot and he was very kind. Until then we had only hired people with visually challenged disability. I led the interview process and hiring of a candidate with an autism disability. The candidate had the qualifications but our interview panel felt that the disability would prevent him from learning the skills and being successful in the role. I convinced my peers to give him a role, and try out - after all, it was a pilot program meant for our organisation to learn too. I gave the candidate a lot of encouragement and I became one of his mentors. Our HR department was not too supportive to take some ... Read Full Story >>

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