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A Book For The Collection Point

--by Helenconnell2, posted Apr 29, 2022
Sifting through my daughter's books over the weekend, I found a large one which is packed full of stories and rhymes in large print for parents and children to read together. I bought it for her when she was three or four and as she's now 23.

 I took it along to the collection box at the supermarket as part of my shopping yesterday which is to the left of the main entrance of the store. There were a couple of the security people standing close by and one of them said, 'That's a large book, what is it?”

I explained what it was and he asked if it was okay to take it out. He was looking through it and said it might be suitable for his niece.

I smiled as I walked away and then added, 'If it's any use to you, please do take it.' I hope he did because it's pleasing to think it has gone to a good home.

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DANCE wrote: How lovely, thank you for sharing
petroskryf wrote: Regifting a book is such a kind thing to do!
Rajni wrote: Thank God, He sent you at the right place at the right time with the right stuff. You did a very good job.
pluto178 wrote: Waste not……..x
gardengal10 wrote: A new home for a good book!
Mish wrote: 📚 That’s so great…wish they had that here in our supermarkets!!
mindyjourney wrote: The have in our supermarkets :)))). A beautiful home for such a treasured book, my friend. Well done! 📚
dotmatrix wrote: It's always great when a good book finds a good home. ♥.
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful 🙂

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