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Grateful For Kindness Opportunity

--by Rajni, posted May 31, 2022
Grateful for Kindness Opportunity

During my last haircut, I paid barber with nice tip.

I asked barber to ask the next customer, is it Okay if I pay for his hair cut? He nodded yes after asking the customer. I paid for him and asked barber to give the change to the customer. Immediately he gave change to customer before I left. I am grateful to both of them. I am also grateful to God who gave me an opportunity to serve.

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unknown wrote: Beautiful ...
pluto178 wrote: Sweet x
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely x
drjoybug wrote: Great kindness
mindyjourney wrote: A nice way to share kindness and look tidy too :))). Thank you.
cheeka wrote: Amazing thoughts of kindness. thank you
Mish wrote: Beautiful pay-it-forward act 💇🏻‍♂️
Drewtopian_1 wrote: I belong to a group of kind people called David's Table. We have Bible studies and do other things. Last month we went bowling.
lewski711 wrote: I love that you did this!
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind. ♥.

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