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Breakfast served to a little king

--by jose123united75, posted May 18, 2022
One morning I was at home with not much to do, when a child from the street came and asked for food.
I told to wait, then I went in and prepared a feast. Boiled egg, bread, coffe with milk and that. I gave him, he enjoyed and then left. Other day I did the same with someone else when my friends were with me, the envioroment was weird, that I remember. But afterwards they thanked me for being kind to him.
Have a good morning everyone. Wishing great things, rely on God and he will provide.
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pluto178 wrote: A lovely thing to do x
Mish wrote: Bless 🙏
patjos wrote: Thank you and thanks for sharing with us.
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind of you. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Guiding by example :). Thank you.
Balou wrote: What a kind thing to do.
DANCE wrote: Thank you
Rajni wrote: You put in action " Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray" Your timely kindness is greatly appreciated.

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