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Acknowledging Another's Kindness

--by ado, posted Jun 24, 2022
I was driving to a meeting and there was a delivery truck in front of me. This delivery truck stopped in the middle of the street and allowed an elderly lady to cross the street. I am used to delivery trucks driving straight ahead and not stopping for anyone. So as I am encouraged by people here on KindSpring, I called the company where the driver works at (you know the sign on the truck that says "How do you find my driving?") and told them that he is a great driver because he let the elderly lady cross the street and gave them the number of the truck that is posted on it.

Maybe this number gets a lot of complaints but I wanted this driver to be recognized for his good manners and driving. The customer service lady was thankful that I called and let her know about the driver.
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Readers Comments

cabbage wrote: It's so great to acknowledge when someone does something right! Thank you for doing that!
pluto178 wrote: Well done I think its a good idea credit were it is due. X
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for making the extra effort to recognize the kindness of the driver 😊. Well done!
Mish wrote: Great appreciation kindness act. Well done.❤️
Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job. You celebrated kindness in a great way.
gardengal10 wrote: Thanks for making the time to comment on the driver's courtesy.
scully wrote: So cool ado, I love to write great reviews,,and even when things don’t work so well..there is usually one or two cool things to focus on.,or I try to.
DANCE wrote: Thank you so much for making the effort to appreciate someone!
petroskryf wrote: You did a very kind thing. Thank you!

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