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A Gentle Healing Touch

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 25, 2022

“Please, go ahead of me,” I told the woman behind me in line at the post office. “I have an overseas package to mail.”

“You sure?” She replied. “I’m in no hurry.”

“I’m sure. This package is going to South Africa, which will take some extra time to post.”

The woman, elderly but spry, nodded her ok, as she stepped ahead of me, still keeping a little distance.

“Oh, I’m glad we don’t have to be so far from one another anymore.” She commented, shaking her head.

I sighed, saying, “It’s like we all lost 2 years. I don’t know of one family who wasn’t affected.”

We both stood silent for a moment, in respect for those who suffered, those who passed. Tragically coincidently, flags all across the country were at half mast — marking the one millionth CoVid death in the USA.

That dear woman, reached out and patted me oh so gently on the cheek, like a mother would, offering solace and comfort. I can still feel her touch. Like balm to a wound just beginning to heal.

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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Such a sweet meet ❤️
Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, your package went to SA but your kindness goes in all the directions. Your consideration to let lady behind go ahead of you is greatly appreciated. I would have rewarded her with QC and or peace dove.
ado wrote: Very happy that this gentle touch reached you and it was well received by you. It gives you validation because you are a very kind person.
unknown wrote: There was a time when all we had was to share death from our families ... Having said this, I have always felt grateful for never having to go down its way even when I had a Corona infected mother that I had to lift everyday ... And to see the rates come down quickly back to 6 in my own town makes me grateful ... Glad you found a motherly touch in this lovely woman 💗
pluto178 wrote: I heard about the figures which are probably sounding larger than other countries but you have more people…….hopefully it will start to fade and fade until its a distant memory. You sound like you need a soft touch for that moment x
brindlegirl wrote: You are an earth angel Mindy. Walking around living love, peace and healing to all you meet xox
scully wrote: Beautiful encounter and love that you held space together to honour the memories of those who have left, and are resting in peace.🙏
DANCE wrote: Hoe very sweet. All the love you give also goes back to you
drjoybug wrote: The sense of touch. Maybe our most overlooked sense. So very important
SissyLee wrote: That is so touching (!) -- yesterday a patient asked to give me a hug and I said yes. I can hardly believe it.

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