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Kindness At Doctor's OfficeI

--by Rajni, posted Jul 2, 2022
Kindness at Doctor's Office

I visited my family Doctor to show him my latest blood and other reports. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.

While waiting, I talked to the lady and her mother seated next to me and told them Positive Thinking story. I gave them booklet on positive thinking. Before leaving home, I was thinking of finding someone to give it and talk about positivity. Positivity found its way. I received smiles and thanks as well.

After they visited doctor, I reminded her mother to think positively and forget about her condition. I received smiles.

I gave some quote cards, birthday quote cards and bookmarks to patients waiting.

Prayed for wellbeing of all the patients.

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Mish wrote: You added goon energy there. Well done 👍
unknown wrote: Glad to see you well and making others well too ☺️
janfour wrote: glad you could share your positive thoughts
Rajni wrote: I thank Sri Sathya Sai Baba for blessing me with opportunities and guiding and helping me to materialize them.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for your kindness and positivity

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