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Little Kind Acts 🙂

--by TheHuman, posted Jul 10, 2022
Today while we made food, we cooked extra food. We shared extra food with our neighbors. We gave rice, daal, pickle and curd to them.

Today a person asked for little boric acid and I gave it to him for free. He said, "Thank You".

Today I prayed, "May everyone and everything be happy. This is my wish and the rest is your wish".

Today I helped a physically challenged customer by helping him in shifting rice bags from our shop to his vehicle. He said, "Thank You".

Today I sent messages to 3 best friends as today is Best Friends Day.

Thank You to Best Friends on KindSpring 🙂

Today I gave sugar pieces to the ANTS. I enjoyed watching the ANTS eating food. Wow 🙂
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pluto178 wrote: You certainly fit the title of someone who does no harm…….well done x
scully wrote: TheSuperHuman strikes again, please keep your cape hidden😀
petroskryf wrote: You do so much for others. Thank you, also for your kindness to the ants.
mindyjourney wrote: Wherever we are, we can choose to make a positive difference. Thank you for doing! 😊
Kmbhai wrote: Wonderful..
Mish wrote: Full of kind 💕💕💕💕💕
Rajni wrote: You are scattering more kind acts in one day. Keep it up.
drjoybug wrote: So many kind acts. Thank you
fairykats wrote: I had been thinking you would not be happy in the rice shop but truly your posts have been so uplifting since you went to work with your father. I'm so happy for you!
greenurlifenow wrote: Lovely acts of kindness! 👏

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