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The Smile-Effect

Here are some smiley related things that I did today: 1) Prepared Smileys of various sizes through the following method:     a) Selected a very beautiful Smiley from the Internet     b) Made a printout of that Smiley     c) Purchased thick paper     d) Used gum to paste each Smiley onto thick paper     e) Used scissors to cut the paper into a round shape     f) The Smileys looked very beautiful! 2) Gave the Smiley card that I prepared to a friend, and on the back, I mentioned how he helped me and what I liked about him.  He liked this. 3) Gave a Smiley card to another friend and on the back, mentioned that the suggestions he gave me in past helped me. He said, "Gift was very nice. I haven't received something like this for 10 years, and I'm very happy." 4) Gave 2 very small Smiley cards to two other friends during happy moments, and ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Away a Special Gift

One of my friends always serves the community.  He frequently goes to villages and teaches children.  I wanted to do something nice for my friend and the perfect opportunity came after I donated blood.  After donating, I recieved a small cup as a gift.  I just took that cup and dropped some smile cards in it and went to my friend's room and said "I have a gift for you". He was confused and then I gave the cup and said "One year ago, I remember you told children to come to your room if they needed help with their studies. I really liked that you did that and wanted to show you my appreciation by giving you this cup." He smiled a lot and said "thank you man and he hugged me". I felt so happy and showed him the smile card that said "thank a person helping the society" and said "thank you".  Then, then ... Read Full Story >>

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Hurrah! Yuppie! This Is the Day to Keep Rocking!

I printed 8 wonderful inspiring quotes sent by my friend and gave them to two friends who are going through tough times.  They felt so happy :), and my inner voice said, "Keep rocking :)." We went to a hotel, but one of our companions didn't get any food.  Later we went to a canteen, but our companion told us that he would not eat. I ordered Maggi noodles for myself, and then a thought came, and I asked our companion to eat a little.  We each ended up eating half. I knew that his stomach was still fairly empty, so I ordered one more, this time for him, but I told him it was for me.  He said ok. Then I said, "Eat a little; my stomach is full."  Actually it was not full :), but I pretended, and he ate. Another friend of mine was in trouble, so we went ... Read Full Story >>

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Saving A Black Bee

A black bee came into my room while the fan was running. Thinking the little creature might get caught up in it and hurt I switched the fan off.

Then took a towel and used it to help direct the bee outside without hurting it. I felt awesome - and thankful that the idea of switching the fan off and saving the bee had come to me!

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Yes! Helped with a Mood of Satisfaction! Yes!

Last night around 9 PM a friend came to ask for help related to his project.  I helped him for more than hour, and the great thing is that I helped him with a personal mood of satisfaction, rather than viewing the help I gave as burden.

Yesterday was a ROCKING day! I created smiles at different places at different times. Yes! Good things are happening! Wow! Keep Rocking :).

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Home Stay for Family of Ill Child

A small child is in the hospital for a problem with damage in his stomach. My roommate invited that child's family to stay in our flat, and he asked me to use another room in our home.

I agreed to their stay, and my roommate thanked me.

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