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The Smile-Effect

Here are some smiley related things that I did today: 1) Prepared Smileys of various sizes through the following method:     a) Selected a very beautiful Smiley from the Internet     b) Made a printout of that Smiley     c) Purchased thick paper     d) Used gum to paste each Smiley onto thick paper     e) Used scissors to cut the paper into a round shape     f) The Smileys looked very beautiful! 2) Gave the Smiley card that I prepared to a friend, and on the back, I mentioned how he helped me and what I liked about him.  He liked this. 3) Gave a Smiley card to another friend and on the back, mentioned that the suggestions he gave me in past helped me. He said, "Gift was very nice. I haven't received something like this for 10 years, and I'm very happy." 4) Gave 2 very small Smiley cards to two other friends during happy moments, and ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Away a Special Gift

One of my friends always serves the community.  He frequently goes to villages and teaches children.  I wanted to do something nice for my friend and the perfect opportunity came after I donated blood.  After donating, I recieved a small cup as a gift.  I just took that cup and dropped some smile cards in it and went to my friend's room and said "I have a gift for you". He was confused and then I gave the cup and said "One year ago, I remember you told children to come to your room if they needed help with their studies. I really liked that you did that and wanted to show you my appreciation by giving you this cup." He smiled a lot and said "thank you man and he hugged me". I felt so happy and showed him the smile card that said "thank a person helping the society" and said "thank you".  Then, then ... Read Full Story >>

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Hurrah! Yuppie! This Is the Day to Keep Rocking!

I printed 8 wonderful inspiring quotes sent by my friend and gave them to two friends who are going through tough times.  They felt so happy :), and my inner voice said, "Keep rocking :)." We went to a hotel, but one of our companions didn't get any food.  Later we went to a canteen, but our companion told us that he would not eat. I ordered Maggi noodles for myself, and then a thought came, and I asked our companion to eat a little.  We each ended up eating half. I knew that his stomach was still fairly empty, so I ordered one more, this time for him, but I told him it was for me.  He said ok. Then I said, "Eat a little; my stomach is full."  Actually it was not full :), but I pretended, and he ate. Another friend of mine was in trouble, so we went ... Read Full Story >>

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Saving A Black Bee

A black bee came into my room while the fan was running. Thinking the little creature might get caught up in it and hurt I switched the fan off.

Then took a towel and used it to help direct the bee outside without hurting it. I felt awesome - and thankful that the idea of switching the fan off and saving the bee had come to me!

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Yes! Helped with a Mood of Satisfaction! Yes!

Last night around 9 PM a friend came to ask for help related to his project.  I helped him for more than hour, and the great thing is that I helped him with a personal mood of satisfaction, rather than viewing the help I gave as burden.

Yesterday was a ROCKING day! I created smiles at different places at different times. Yes! Good things are happening! Wow! Keep Rocking :).

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Home Stay for Family of Ill Child

A small child is in the hospital for a problem with damage in his stomach. My roommate invited that child's family to stay in our flat, and he asked me to use another room in our home.

I agreed to their stay, and my roommate thanked me.

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Kindness acts🙂

Stranger asked for help. He requested empty bag. It costs around 5-10 INR for bag. I gave it for free.

While drinking tea, a helper came there. I paid for his tea.

We gave Sambar Rice to neighbour.

I went for drinking tea. Tea shop people cracked some jokes. I cracked some jokes. We enjoyed and laughed.

A helper came to shop. I offered him chair.

I sent Good Quote to 2 friends on Whatsapp.

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Kindness To Stranger, Customer And Earth 🌎

A Stranger requested for help. He went to my neighbour's shop and he failed to get his work done. He came to me. He wanted to weigh the metal coil. I agreed to his request. I switched on the weighing machine. He placed the coil. It was around 15 kg. He was happy that I accepted his request.

A customer came to my shop. I asked him to pay 1350 INR. He said he didn't have money to pay for the vegetables. He paid 1300 INR instead. If he had paid more we would have made a good profit. But he was in a bad condition. So, I took 50 INR less.

I switched off the fan and sat infront of the shop. I enjoyed cool air. I did Earth kindness because I switched off fan and saved energy.

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Cute Little Kind Acts 🙂

Our Neighbor at home drinks juice made of neem leaves. He is struggling to get neem leaves. In the neighborhood of our shop there is neem tree. We took neem leaves enough for around 4 days and we are in the process of giving these leaves to Neighbor when we reach home. A customer came for rice bag. We took 100 INR less and gave better rice bag. We asked him to give 100 INR later. He don't have extra money. He said he will give money of 100 INR later. A person asked for helmet he forgot. I gave him his helmet. I lifted rice bag for him. He said, "Thank You". Our Neighbor asked for huge amount of money. We believe in him. We gave him thousands of INR as he requested. A person asked for 200 INR. He is known person. We gave him money. He said he will pay back next ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing sweets to 25+ people 🙂

My cousin brother  does catering for functions. There was a lot of extra sweet that was left. My brother gave that extra sweet to my father. My father distributed it to more than 25 people. All these  people enjoyed the tasty sweet. I felt happy. 🙂

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Distribution Of Sweets

Yesterday some relatives came home and they gave us a sweet box. At home no one were interested in this particular sweet in the sweet box. So my father and myself took the sweet box to our shop to distribute it to people.
We gave one of the pieces to a child and that made me happy.

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Helping Person In Need

We went to temple. Inside the temple we gave 40 INR. Outside the temple there is elderly person who is in need of help. We gave 2 INR to that person. But now I am thinking that when next time I visit temple, I might give 2 INR inside temple and 40 INR for person sitting outside and needs some help.

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Kindness To Stranger 🙂

I saw so many pigeons eating food infront of our shop. I am amazed after watching nature. Then it started raining. I felt awesome. Now a good kindness opportunity knocked my door. A Stranger is waiting under tree as it is raining. I invited him to come under our building. He came. I started chatting with him. He said he is looking for rented room. I asked about his family. I asked his name. I gave 10 minutes of my time to the stranger. Kindness doesn't need money many times. I just gave my time. Finally, I gave a smile and he went away🙏

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Kind Acts 🙂

king about someone else". He said, "Wow and thanks etc". I felt nice 🙂

A poor customer bought 10 kg of rice. She requested extra rice. We gave some extra rice.

We cooked extra food and gave to Neighbor.

Today I chanted, "Om Sri Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa". I am purifying myself through chanting whenever I get time.

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Kindness and compassion in action

Kindness to a ederly woman: An elderly woman came to me. She held a tub of rice requesting for more. I looked around in my shop and found an open rice bag. I took 2 hands full of rice and gave to her. Her face glowed like a lamp. She remembered me because I had helped her last time too. She mentioned that last time my shop had been in another location. I said yes. It just costs around 10 INR for the rice given. With just little cost, her face glowed like a lamp. I understood many kind acts require little money only. Kindness to Medium Sized Living Being: When I went to the rest room I found a finger sized living being. Mother generally kills it. So, I went to the hall and brought a paper. I used paper and it climbed on the paper. I moved it to ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Poor At The Temple

At temple I saw an old lady. Today is Lord Shiva Festival. Hence everyone is focused on Lord Shiva. There is a queue for serving Lord Shiva. But no one is interested to help this old lady. She looked at me. She put her hand forward. She requested me. I gave her some money. "Service to Old Lady is Service to God".

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Prayers To Strangers And Sharing Bananas

Prayers to Strangers: Last week I came to know about cyclone disaster. I decided to pray for strangers affected by cyclone. I prayed, "Please bless people affected by cyclone. Please help them".

Bananas Kindness: Last week when we were hungry we bought bananas. We shared bananas with helper, neighbour and one customer who is also a neighbour.

Cold Drink Kindess: We shared Thums Up Cold Drink with the workers, my neighbour and the auto driver.

Dog Kindness: A Person was giving food to the Dogs. I felt good.

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Kindness from an owner to a helper

A customer went to a shop. The owner of the shop pointed out the customer to the helper and said "if you sell rice to that customer, you can keep the money." The customer ended up buying rice and the helper got the profit. Instead of the helper keeping the money, the helper tried to give the 500 INR to the owner. The helper said "you showed me the customer and, because of you, I made a profit. Please take this money." But the onwer rejected the money and said "I don`t need it. I showed you the customer so that you can make a profit, I don't want anything."

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Children's Wishes

When I was at college during a festival some students made a Children's Wishes wall. The wall consists of children's wishes like "I want book", "I want toy" etc.

There were about 25-50 children wishes on the wall. We can select one wish and pay for it.

I selected ALL THE WISHES and paid for the wishes of all the children.

I remember that I was filled with complete satisfaction and joy on that day.

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Tasty Food Donation :)

My relative does food catering for functions. Today there is a function. My father might have asked to cook extra food. He donated food to neighbors, friends and also brought some food to home. As per my calculation, the tasty food is donated to around 10+ people. My father is really a good human being. I am lucky!

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Little Kind Acts 🙂

Today while we made food, we cooked extra food. We shared extra food with our neighbors. We gave rice, daal, pickle and curd to them.

Today a person asked for little boric acid and I gave it to him for free. He said, "Thank You".

Today I prayed, "May everyone and everything be happy. This is my wish and the rest is your wish".

Today I helped a physically challenged customer by helping him in shifting rice bags from our shop to his vehicle. He said, "Thank You".

Today I sent messages to 3 best friends as today is Best Friends Day.

Thank You to Best Friends on KindSpring 🙂

Today I gave sugar pieces to the ANTS. I enjoyed watching the ANTS eating food. Wow 🙂

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Just a bag of rice

An old man came to our shop and purchased a rice bag. However, he was not in a position to carry it to his home nearby. A helper in the shop saw this and asked the old man where he was living. He said nearby, so the helper took the rice bag and dropped it off at the old man`s home. I felt our Helper in shop is a good human being :)

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Sweet Memory Of Cycle:)

When I was at college I used to have a cycle. I saw a notice that some people were in need of cycles. So I decided to donate cycle to them. But my cycle is not good. I got a brilliant idea. I took to repair shop and got the cycle repaired. Then I donated the cycle which is in good condition.

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Surprise Gift From A Kindspringer. Wow :)

Wow! I got a SURPRISE PACKAGE from a KindSpringer. It contained:

1) The Cotton Bag with BEAUTIFUL messages on it.
2) Two WOODEN Decorations.
3) Two Clover leaves
4) A Letter.

This is REALLY AMAZING!!! This Gift from a KindSpringer made my day!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

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Money Saving For Helping People In Need 🙏

I planned to eat pani poori. It costs 20 INR. Then I got a brilliant idea. At home mother made snack item during festival. So, I ate whatever available at home. Hence I saved 20 INR because I didn't ate pani poori outside. Some people come to shop for help. So, I will give 20 INR for those people who are in need. This is my kindness planning 🙏

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