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Larks, Marshmallows And Free To Be Me!

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 6, 2022

Our campsite was secluded and had a pristine view of a sloping wildflower meadow, dense thicket and a sandstone butte. How magnificent to wake to the song of the meadowlark, not only the state bird of Nebraska, but one of my favorites.

Campfires, roasted marshmallows, chats with fellow swimmers at the outdoor pool and campers taking strolls, employees - from lifeguard to park admittance booth attendant, all were grateful, pleasant and truly happy to be enjoying such a beautiful space along with such beautiful weather.

Treated a young employee at the park entrance booth to a Happy Meal from McD’s on our way back from a quick lunch in town. I knew her job kept her in that tiny booth all day and a little something just might brighten her day.

And it did!

Blushing, she accepted the treat, saying, “Thank you! This just made my day!”

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janfour wrote: beautiful !!
greenurlifenow wrote: That’s so wonderful of you, MJ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Mish wrote: Sounds like bliss πŸ™
gardengal10 wrote: How nice to get away in such lovely surroundings
Rajni wrote: Nature is very kind to campers. Your happy treat was well received. Thanks
pluto178 wrote: Looks divine x
ado wrote: So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for treating the young employee.
DANCE wrote: How lovely!
Balou wrote: Such beauty! Your kindness shines again ... and your vacay sounds marvellous!

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