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Backpack Repaired, Not Trashed

--by Rajni, posted Aug 14, 2022
Backpack repaired, not trashed

I gave School uniform, study books, note books, pens, pencils and slippers to needy kids. They asked me to get new backpack showing their backpacks with zipper broken. I replaced zippers in two backpacks.

In navy blue backpack, there were holes on the back panel. I changed the panel. I replaced it with "it" luggage bag material.

"it" company replaced my luggage bag with broken handles. Rather than throwing away, on my request, my son detached the sturdy material that I brought to India in hope to make bag for me. I am grateful to him I saved three backpacks going to trash. I reused luggage bag material. Both good for our environment.

One backpack is not repairable. I will use some parts in future. I am giving another one to needy kid.

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myfbil wrote: So smart and clever. What a wonderful way to help others and Mother Earth at the same time.
SissyLee wrote: Repairing is awesome. Keeps usable stuff out of the landfill.
DANCE wrote: Thank u
pluto178 wrote: Ah but is Anand Niketan still the in thing x
Mish wrote: Very clever , Rajni. Bless.
dotmatrix wrote: Very cool. ♥.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Excellent!
kmbhai wrote: Excellent ..
mindyjourney wrote: Your sewing and kindness skills are put to needed use! Thank you, dear brother Rajni 😊.
janfour wrote: wow! good for you

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