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--by drjoybug, posted Aug 14, 2022
Yesterday I gave away some of our harvested garlic to a needy friend
I also gave her some asiagi cheese bagels that she loves.
Shared books and yoga journal magazines with four friends.
Helped hubby identify things growing in the garden.
Chatted with my neighbor, she told me her father died. I gave her a big hug and will be sending flowers

Please don't thank me for doing kindness. I share only for giving ideas🙏❣️

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pluto178 wrote: I give thanks that you give thanks x
kmbhai wrote: so beautiful..
Balou wrote: Yummy kindness!
mindyjourney wrote: So many ways to make. this world a kinder place!
myfbil wrote: How wonderful that others are benefiting from your kindness. Great ideas!
dotmatrix wrote: Yes, what Helen said. Thanks for sharing and for the gorgeous roses painting. ♥.
janfour wrote: mmmmm bagels
kmbhai wrote: You are adding goodness in our universe. Thanks..
scully wrote: Lovely
butterkind wrote: hugs to you :))

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