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Little Acts Add Up

--by myfbil, posted Aug 14, 2022
I donated food and clothing to the church collection sites.
I have walked to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.
I worked on yet another afghan which will become a Christmas gift for a veteran in the Soldiers' Home.
I watered my daughter's garden plants and am feeding the fish and guppy while they are away for the holiday weekend.
I try to do at least one act of kindness every day.
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Mish wrote: Thank you for all you do to add kindness to ou4 world. Bless.🙏❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you and it's amazing how the little things build up ino something wonderful.
DANCE wrote: Thank u for all your donations and kindness
pluto178 wrote: Well done x
Rajni wrote: Your attitude of daily kindness shines well. May others get inspired.
Balou wrote: Wonderful kindness! Thank you!
dotmatrix wrote: Lots of kindness. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: So many wonderful ways to keep a kind focus in your daily life, thank you!
kmbhai wrote: Big salute..
scully wrote: Awesome

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