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Cycle Journey For Peace !!

--by kmbhai, posted Aug 20, 2022
As we all know that the whole universe is suffering from hatred, religious discrimination, violence, and war (Russia vs. Ukraine).

So many negative energies and thoughts are travelling around the world. So there is a big need to share peace messages, kindness stories, positive thoughts and radiating love.

To address this problem, we are organizing a 500 mile cycle journey for peace. We will start from Kanpur and pass through several villages, cities to reach Delhi. We will meet with people, distribute pamphlets, kindness quote cards, and peace doves, sing peace and love songs, do press conferences and discussion programs.

We will also visit the Russian and Ukraine embassies to meet with ambassadors to share our peace messages in their country.

It will start on July 16, 2022 and finished on July 25, 2022

There is a kind request to all of you please come with us to spread the message of peace and love. Give your kind suggestions and support..


For more details, please contact via private message.

KM bhai
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DANCE wrote: What a kind initiative!
Mish wrote: This sounds amazing, kmbhai!! Bless all who participate 🙏
drjoybug wrote: Blessings to you for doing this. I wish I could join you. Go with my best wishes and heartfelt support
pluto178 wrote: Good luck it is a good challenge x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for organizing this, dear kmbhai! Will be with you in spirit and prayers 🕊 🙏.
kat94 wrote: As an amateur cyclist...this is amazing!!
scully wrote: Good idea
dotmatrix wrote: Wow! ♥.
cheeka wrote: Thank you for helping to promote peace.
Rajni wrote: Wishing all the participant safe, comfortable and fruitful Peace awareness cycle trip.

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