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Sometimes People Just Need Someone To Vouch For Them.

--by DrJoe, posted Aug 20, 2022
Recently my wife and I were flying across the country and were about to board our flight when a woman sitting across from us at the gate had a medical episode.

I came back from the restroom and sat down next to my wife who leaned in to me and whispered "something's wrong". The woman was slumping over more and more and quickly lost control of her body. I jumped up and crouched in front of her, asking if she was okay.

I introduced myself as Dr. Joe and asked her name (let's call her Jackie to protect her identity). I told Miss Jackie that I'm a chiropractor, not a medical doctor, but I'm here for her to help in any way she needs.

In one hand I held hers and with my other hand I supported her head, carefully asking what was happening. She revealed that she had a condition where, when her body is exposed to a lot of stress and stimulus, her body goes into a parasympathetic overdrive.

The parasympathetic nervous system is our "rest and digest" system, the one in which our body relaxes as we sleep and digest our food. The sympathetic nervous system is our "fight or flight" system, the one responsible for skeletal muscle contraction and responding to stress and stimulus. 

Jackie explained to me that she's had this condition for thirty years and will be "perfectly fine in just a bit". She said she forgot her medical papers at home when she flew across the country to visit her daughter and grandkids.

I asked her if she needed help sitting up and needed a wheelchair to board the plane, to both of which she said yes. I asked my wife to fetch a gate agent and request a wheelchair. I stayed behind to ensure Jackie made it safely on board, but due to some miscommunication, the gate agent, and a manager, thought Jackie was having a stroke.

I advocated for Jackie, explaining that, despite her forgetting her papers, her condition will soon subside. The employees of the airline agreed to let her board with my assistance and, just like Jackie said, she was perfectly fine within about twenty minutes.

Fortunately, Jackie just needed someone to listen to her and fight for her. Don't be afraid to listen to strangers and help them out. Everyone has their own battles and struggles, sometimes we just need someone to care.
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cheeka wrote: DrJoe, Thank god, you were there to help Jackie. You were so thoughtful in not only helping her medical condition but made sure by talking to the flight staff all the way till then she boarded the flight. A lot of us have expertise in many ways but some times we are shy of putting them to use at the right time they are needed. Helping strangers like the way you did is so commendable on your part. Thank for sharing this story. May your tribe grow.
Balou wrote: Thank you for being there, reaching out to her and goint he extra mile to make sure she could continue her journey!
drjoybug wrote: Powerful story
Mish wrote: Wow…she’s so lucky you were there, cared & stepped up to help!! Yiu were Heaven sent 😇. Bless. And welcome to KindSpring, DrJoe.
pluto178 wrote: So often things can happen and people just do not listen and call and ambulance which is a complete waste so well done for hearing her and believing her and allowing her to continue and enjoy he holiday x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for taking the time to listen and take positive action for Jackie. While waiting for a flight recently saw paramedics take woman off a flight.
scully wrote: Thanks for sharing and helping out this woman in need at the right exact moment
Rajni wrote: DrJoe, your compassionate and professional heart did the best possible effort to assist Ms Jackie. Your inspiration to listen to others is what we all need. We remain strangers if we do not listen and become friends if we do. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story
DANCE wrote: Bless you, how very kind of you to be there for her!

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