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Sometimes People Just Need Someone To Vouch For Them.

Recently my wife and I were flying across the country and were about to board our flight when a woman sitting across from us at the gate had a medical episode. I came back from the restroom and sat down next to my wife who leaned in to me and whispered "something's wrong". The woman was slumping over more and more and quickly lost control of her body. I jumped up and crouched in front of her, asking if she was okay. I introduced myself as Dr. Joe and asked her name (let's call her Jackie to protect her identity). I told Miss Jackie that I'm a chiropractor, not a medical doctor, but I'm here for her to help in any way she needs. In one hand I held hers and with my other hand I supported her head, carefully asking what was happening. She revealed that she had a condition where, when ... Read Full Story >>

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The Positive Effects Of Energy, An Embrace, And Silence

Recently a woman came in for treatment. She mentioned feeling more stressed lately because of being the parent of a teenager. After treating her I asked her if she would like for me to do some energy work on her, which she excitedly agreed to. I myself am not yet a parent, but as an empath I can feel her stress and frustration. During the energy work we did not speak. The silence was incredible as it allowed her to relax, and allowed me to focus on helping her become more grounded in that moment. She was teary-eyed when I finished the energy work and we embraced in a hug after I fetched her some tissues. She left feeling better and more relaxed than when she first arrived. She and her teenager will both be okay, I'm sure -- such is life and we must discover these things on our own. Without children of ... Read Full Story >>

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Purchased Calendars From My Favorite Charity

Today I purchased a few calendars as gifts for friends and family from my favorite charity, where every dollar goes towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming greyhounds in need. As the great Mahatma Gandhi said, "[The] greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Greyhounds are incredible dogs, but they're horribly misunderstood. While yes, they are lightning fast, they are actually lazy, 40mph couch potatoes -- or 65kmh for our metric measuring friends :) They are loving, curious, intelligent, and just as deserving of warm, loving homes as the rest of the canine world. I was once told that greyhounds are proof that dragons once existed --they're still just as magical, they simply lost their wings. is the non-profit group that I frequently donate to, and all of their loving, altruistic work helps these amazing dogs transition from the tracks to people's couches. I'm ... Read Full Story >>

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Paying It Forward To A Stranger

I finished playing a game of ice hockey late the other night. I was craving a slurpee (like a frozen slushie kind of drink) from 7/11 so my wife and I made a detour to get me a drink of that delicious, frozen sugar water lol (I had burned over 1,000 calories and just wanted something cold and sweet).

As I got my slurpee and approached the counter to pay I noticed a young woman walk behind me to wait in line, with a candy bar and slurpee of her own in both hands. I told the cashier I wanted to pay for mine and her items. I just wanted to pay it forward to a stranger and I hope it made her day :)

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Surprise Birthday Present For A Little Patient

I have a patient that just turned four, so I got him a balloon that says "Happy Birthday!" and a Spiderman birthday card (he loves Spiderman and baseball) for all of us in the clinic to sign for him.

The card even came with a Spiderman bracelet, he was so excited when he came in yesterday for this little surprise! He gave us all a great big hug 

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Surprise Valentines For My Co-workers

My wife and I brought in a surprise basket full of Valentine's goodies for my co-workers today: some chocolates, a cold coffee, and a nice card. I appreciate them more than they know and my wife and I wanted to do something sweet for the two of them, one of whom was upset she would be without a Valentine this year as she and her significant other ended a long-standing relationship. They were over the moon and it made my day to spoil the two of them :)

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Coffee, Tea, And A Generous Tip

Got coffees and a tea for my coworkers today. I didn't have any smaller bills to leave as a tip for the baristas, so I left a larger bill. My coworkers and baristas in the coffee shop all work hard and they are all very much appreciated. :)

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Once A Lifeguard, Always A Lifeguard. Saved A Life Yesterday!

Saved a life yesterday :)

I was relaxing at the apartment complex's pool yesterday evening when I saw something small swimming across the water. I got up and walked to the edge of the pool and noticed it was a chipmunk. I'm not sure how it got in the pool, but with no easy way out it surely would've drowned. With no basket nearby to fish it out I simply reached after it, gently grabbed it around the waist, and set it on the pool deck. The little thing was soaked, but scurried off away from the pool.

I was a lifeguard for quite a few years in high school and college, and now I can add 'chipmunk' to my list of beings I've pulled out of the water :)

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