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🎶 Music Reaches Into The Heart Of Us ❤️

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 18, 2022

Enjoyed the Navajo flutist Jonah Littlesunday at the outdoor Crazy Horse Memorial amphitheater. Purchased three of his cd’s, even though we don’t use them anymore, to support his music and gift to others.*

The artist shared many interesting stories with the audience.

Not long ago, Jonah and his family were homeless.  He was a pre-contestant on America’s Got Talent. My favorite story was how his wolf-friend peed on him, to save him from a mountain lion attack!

Music really does reach past words, into the heart of us 🎶 🌎.

*Gifted sister a cd - along with a gently used player and a generous selection of my fave cds, another to Ethel - Sitting Bull’s granddaughter, and the remaining one have set aside for a kind friend.

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Balou wrote: Agree with you, music does reach past words .... and by buying his CDs you did not only support him but as well share this gift with others. Thank you!
fairykats wrote: I call him Mr. Fluteyman, that lovely trickster who came into my life 20 or 30 years ago. I am beyond remembering, but I know my Fluteyman when I see him. Hugs :]
Rajni wrote: Your appreciation of the artist of the CD's is very inspiring. Your love for your sister shines bright. Thanks for sharing.
SissyLee wrote: WOW!. I would have loved to hear that. I play the Native American style flute — not so well, but I love the instrument.
petroskryf wrote: I so agree with Rajni. Thank you for supporting the flutist, dear Mindy.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thanks for sharing your story!
Mish wrote: Full of wonderful 👌🏻❤️
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like a great day……..I thought about popping a cd in with a christening gift recently because of the childs name then realised by the time she grows up she wont have a clue what it is. Lol x
unknown wrote: This is like going back in time 💗
gardengal10 wrote: Beautiful experience!

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