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Encouraging Rikshaw Driver

--by Rajni, posted Sep 18, 2022
Encouraging Rikshaw Driver

After returning home from shopping spree, buying school uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and backpacks etc. returning home by rikshaw on August 17. I gave tip to the rikshaw driver. Without counting, he put money he put it in his pocket. I told him that I have given him tip, for he drove the rikshaw very near the lift entrance. I suggested him always to be kinder to his rikshaw riders and others. Some like me may reward you with tips. Do not get discouraged if some people ignore to give tips. God is watching your kind acts and he definitely will reward you. He left joyfully with a smile on his face with gratitude in his heart. That was seen in his eyes.

I didn't brag about the tip I gave but I wanted him to be kinder than necessary to make life worthwhile. A little conversation, but it makes a BIG difference in someone's life. I became happy too.

Chinese Proverb — 'A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the roses.'

I thank Sai Baba for giving me an opportunity to serve and guiding and helping me with prompts while talking to the rikshaw driver.

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petroskryf wrote: Thank you for being so kind to the rickshaw driver.
DANCE wrote: I'm sure your encouragment makes a big difference, thank you!
cheeka wrote: You continue to amaze with your amazing daily acts of kindness, Rajni ji!
drjoybug wrote: Your opportunities for kindness amaze me my dear friend
Mish wrote: Very kind ❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Great advice from wise people -- my favorite kind of advice. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: We all make a difference in whatever job or role we play. Thank you :).

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