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Stretching the Sharing

--by gardengal10, posted Sep 24, 2022
Made several loaves of zucchini bread (courgettes for my friends across the pond) from our garden bounty. Instead of giving away loaves, I've given away slices of the sweet bread to friends. Sometimes that is all you need with a cup of tea or coffee. stretches the number of people with whom I can share it.

Due to supply chain issues (still, forever), I could not find my favorite cleaning product in stores. I checked the manufacturer's website and found that it was available. I ordered several bottles from them. When the package arrived,

I discovered that they had doubled my order, but didn't charge me for the extras. I phoned customer service. The rep couldn't have been nicer. She said that since the error was their mistake that I could keep the extras at no charge. After our conversation, I took the phone survey and gave the rep and the company their highest rating. I gave one of the bottles of cleaner to a friend who also had difficulty trying to find the product on store shelves.
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pluto178 wrote: That was nice of you and them x
Mish wrote: Great idea to share your baking that way…I like your style👌🏻 And way cool re the company & your appreciation 👍
janfour wrote: great customer service and sharing the benefits!!
petroskryf wrote: So kind of you to share your special bread with as much people as possible. And while the rep was so kind to you, you returned that kindness with your survey. Well done!
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's very good to hear!
dotmatrix wrote: Well done GG. ♥.
Rajni wrote: Kindness to more is greatly appreciated.

Your honesty to report extra bottle is a very good deed indeed. Sharing extra bottle with friend doubles your kindness.

Rating highest for the business is your good business. Thanks for inspiring kind acts.
Balou wrote: Great customer service! .... and thenk you for sharing your yummy zucchini bread, wish I'd be living near enough to try it 😂
DANCE wrote: Yummy kindness :-)
mindyjourney wrote: yay for zucchini bread slices :))). What better reason to garden and bake?

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