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The Post Was Delivered

--by Helenconnell2, posted Oct 2, 2022
The post was delivered about an hour ago and I had a package for them to pick up. A notebook I ordered came through the letter box but the post lady carried on. Richard said 'Do you want me to chase after her?' I said no because if there was a problem we could always drop it in the letterbox nearby.

A few minutes ago, Richard saw the post lady pass the window and as I was getting my keys and the package, she rang the doorbell. She had two packages in her arms and she suggested as they were for me, I take them first. i did and then she scanned my package and put it in her bag.

Look what came in the post!

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kmbhai wrote: Enjoy them..
gardengal10 wrote: Perfect!
mindyjourney wrote: yay!!!! Was beginning to wonder if the package would find you at your new address 🏡. Enjoy TC’s book, it’s just soooo good!
petroskryf wrote: So glad you received your packages, Helen.
pluto178 wrote: That will keep you busy and no doubt fill you with wonderful new ideas. Enjoy x
DotMatrix wrote: ♥.
Rajni wrote: Kindness things you received is for you to enjoy reading. May I suggest to loan them to others - your family and friends to enjoy them? You can be a walking library.

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