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This Beautiful Painting Has ...

--by kmbhai, posted Oct 17, 2022
This beautiful painting has been created by a student, who never went to the school. But has big talent and deserve the opportunity for study.

So kind Wings is helping him in getting a good education and go to school.

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dotmatrix wrote: That's a great painting. Thank you for helping this young man. ♥.
DANCE wrote: Blessings for him and those who help him
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU, KindWings!
drjoybug wrote: Kind wings is wonderful.
fairykats wrote: he is very cute and his art is lovely
petroskryf wrote: Such a talented young man. May he fly on wings of kindness.
pluto178 wrote: Education for all…………..x
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for sharing something so beautiful.
Rajni wrote: Talent can prosper even without schooling. Boy did a very good job. Congratulations to him.
Mish wrote: Kind Wings is changing the lives of so many children. Bless yiu all. 🙏

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