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A Offer Of Help - A Offer Back Of Appreciation

--by ZwagC, posted Oct 28, 2022
A neighbor said he'd cut down my tree that fell in a storm. It was very kind and I think it's valuable when someone offers without being asked for help.

I picked up a home depot gift card for him and will drop it off today. I have also been thinking about these posts I have been doing and while I do these kinds of things often I've never posted about the good deeds as the world seems to think we should do it without speaking of it and I'm beginning to think that's wrong.

Why not share good deeds, it could inspire others to do the same.
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Dennis826 wrote: Great post and i totally agree. It could inspire others to perform more acts of kindness, and it could even give you more ideas for performing acts of kindness.
mindyjourney wrote: Agree, my friend. Why give our focus to the “news” when kindness is soo much more uplifting and beautiful? Thank you for sharing with us.
drjoybug wrote: I agree with Mindy.
Mish wrote: Exactly….we share our kindness posts here to inspire others ❤️
pluto178 wrote: You make a good point I don’t do it but thats the British for you…. But reading others good deeds is uplifting so carry on and let me enjoy them too x
Andicas wrote: I had a similar mental wrangle. I find reading other's posts inspiring and uplifting, and a counter to the other terrible things I read online. On that basis, posting about them is a kindness in itself. Please continue!
Rajni wrote: Your selfless service is greatly appreciated.
petroskryf wrote: We certainly need more kindness stories every day.

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