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Kids Who Are Appreciative Makes One Do More For Them

--by ZwagC, posted Oct 30, 2022
While shopping at Costco over the weekend I bought a clearance swimming pool for the neighbor's 5-year-old son to enjoy next summer. He will be happy and excited as that's the kind of young boy he is. Over the summer he got chickens and a rooster and loves birds so got real peacock feathers and left them for him as a surprise. I love kids' curiosity and their desire to learn. They are Brazilian and very passtionate and I love that.
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Mish wrote: You are a wonderful caring kind neighbor ❤️
pluto178 wrote: What a great idea buy now at the better price and be generous later. X
Andicas wrote: I love that he has chickens to enjoy. Mine give me so much pleasure! I do believe kids benefit so much from assisting with the care of animals.
Rajni wrote: You gave well planned gift.
DANCE wrote: KIds are such joy when they are curious

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