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Survivors 🙏

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 12, 2022

Seems every ONE of us has a story, and considering the challenges of the last few CoVid years, the connecting thread is, drumroll please…SURVIVAL!

We survived!

Hardships, sorrows, health challenges, lessons learned, and things we are still trying to figure out, it all adds up to a sort of bewildered state of being that has left us teetering on the edge of a new balance.

I cannot begin to tell you how each HUG felt as we reconnected with old friends.

Scattering gifts, books, Peace doves, Rajni quote cards, tips to hotel housekeeping and receiving gifts of home-grown tomatoes (thanks Mr. Joy!), a woven bracelet (thank you Joy!), canned tomato juice, restaurant meals, bookmarks…it is ALL a beautiful circle of friendship.

And you know something, as awful as some of the challenges our friends have faced in the last few years, their focus of kindness and giving back is stronger than ever, putting into action the wisdom garnered from the “school of hard knocks.”

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kmbhai wrote: It was very tough time for all of us. but you won it with your kindness .
Helenconnell2 wrote: Love and kindness has got us through it all!
Mish wrote: Yes, a deeper appreciation for loving one another 🙏
pluto178 wrote: So glad covid has calmed down a lot probably once it realised killing the host was not beneficial to it………we are no closer to finding out the truth about its arrival and nobody seems to care to look too closely which is odd but our hospitals are beginning to show signs of covid rising again and in a hospital yesterday everyone was told to wear a mask new rules starting this week… so stay cautious and protect yourselves but we have to get on with living too……glad you enjoyed stepping out and about again x
dotmatrix wrote: So great you got to connect in person. Those hugs do feel amazing. ♥.
drjoybug wrote: We are more than survivors...we are thrivers!!
petroskryf wrote: You are super survivors indeed. xx
lt33 wrote: Lovely connections you made with so many my friend and what a beautiful gratitude book to put all your grateful events + connections you had this week so much to be grateful for I got to get back to writing some things I'm grateful for this week as so much has been happening 😕 I got to stay in a positive mind set 👍🤗
Rajni wrote: Yes, we all are survives. God saved our life, for we have to do many more kind acts.

Old is gold, be it city or friends or both.

Sister Mindy, your list of kind acts is very inspiring. Thanks

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