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Friendship Kind Acts

--by drjoybug, posted Nov 13, 2022
The day last week when Mindy was in town was a day that provided so many opportunities for kindness...

As I was going to meet with Mindy and friends it was raining. A woman loaded down with groceries was walking. She waved me down and offered to pay me to take her less than a half mile away . Of course I told her to get into the car... No payment needed

Shared some give away blouses with a friend and drove her home after our lunch

Gave Mindy tomatoes and more

We all chatted and laughed. Realized how strong we all are

Tipped out table bus lady

Received as much or more than I gave in kind friendship

Such a great day

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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: You are all so beautiful
Mish wrote: Well done, Joy & what a treat to spend time together with Mindy! 👌🏻❤️
SissyLee wrote: What a beautiful post.
fairykats wrote: That Mindy-girl does get around! lol
dotmatrix wrote: Aw, how awesome you guys got to meet! ♥.
ado wrote: Great times together and a lot of kindness.
lilacgrace wrote: How awesome that you could meet, how super for you all. Would love to meet as well but live very far away from you all. Blessings
Helenconnell2 wrote: It's always great to have time with friends!
Rajni wrote: MS Joy, your kind heart did a wonderful job. Kindness is raining with kind acts and friendship is blooming.\
gardengal10 wrote: That was not a great day. That was a SPECTACULAR day!!!

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