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Balloons For Happiness!!I Saw ...

--by kmbhai, posted Nov 19, 2022
Balloons for Happiness!!

I saw a child on the road
He had some balloons on his hands
His eyes were searching for a hand
That can fulfill his demands
But no one was looking at his hands
As he was wondering around
Finally, I crossed the road
And held both of his hands
Asked him what he needs
He didn’t have any greed
Wanted to finish his deed

I bought all the balloons and gave him some chocolate and mango drinks. He thanked me with a beautiful smile.

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Mish wrote: That was such a loving, beautiful thing you did ❤️
drjoybug wrote: Bless you dear friend 🙏
petroskryf wrote: You were so kind. Bless you, yes.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Very kind!
dotmatrix wrote: Beautiful, Kmbhai. ♥.
Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job, KMBhai
TheHuman wrote: Fantastic 👌
mindyjourney wrote: I can imagine you doing, dear kmbhai 🎈 Thank you for your kind heart ❤️

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