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Lots Of Opportunities For ...

--by drjoybug, posted Nov 23, 2022
Lots of opportunities for kindness today:

Went to a cafe to meet a friend. We had some misunderstandings to talk through. She didn't show up so I texted her to see if she was ok and still coming. She had gotten distracted by life events and forgot. We got on the phone and talked things out, both admitting and forgiving mistakes. We talked about the power of positivity.

Saw two women sitting in the cafe that I have seen there before. So I went over and said hello. Gave them each a dove and quote cards. Chatted some more.

Went to get blood drawn and gave the receptionist and phylbotomist doves and quote cards. Both were really touched.

Gave my dog part of my sandwich 😁

It was a good and happy day!

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Mish wrote: May more good & happy days be yours, Joy . You so deserve.❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful you working through any misunderstanding and reached out to others w/such kindness 🕊.
SissyLee wrote: What a great day!
kmbhai wrote: wonderful friend.
DANCE wrote: Always ways to choose kindness and love

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