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Deep Feelings For Our Seniors!

--by kmbhai, posted Dec 4, 2022
Today, I spent some time with an old man. He was alone and not feeling good. I offered him a cup of tea with me. He accepted and bought some biscuits packets. We had a long chat over tea. As he told me that he was feeling very alone and upset. But now I am very happy and feeling very relaxed. It was a very good day for me, I will never forget it. Thanks.

I also thanked him for giving me an opportunity to do something for our seniors. It was a great pleasure for me. I enjoyed it.

Thank you
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CusterJen wrote: Thank you for sharing your time and kindness with this elderly person! There is no better gift than the giving of oneself to another! Bless you. 💕
Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for talking with this man. Loneliness can be such a debilitating feeling. Who knows how much you positively impacted his life.
Mish wrote: Beautiful, Kmbhai 🙏
drjoybug wrote: Wonderful. Time well used
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you, dear kmbahi, for taking the time to listen and show you care.
dotmatrix wrote: It was kind of you to be there for him. I can tell you as a senior, and an empty nester, that loneliness is often a part of my day. A cup of tea with a friend is a gift. ♥.

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