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Good Things Reflect Good Things !!

--by kmbhai, posted Dec 8, 2022
Yes, there are so many problems in the world but there are also so many good things in the world. Today, I saw a man sharing food for birds. An old man was playing with children. A young man helped an old lady in crossing the road. A dog saved a little child from a cow. A patient got help from a laborer in getting medicines. The sky, the sun, the trees, flowers etc. also are always ready to help us.

So, it depends on what you have inside your heart, and what`s inside is what is reflected outside.

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Dennis826 wrote: Great perspective!
Mish wrote: So true, kmbhai 👍
drjoybug wrote: I love your positive viewpoint here. Much needed for me as my country struggles with divisive elections.
pluto178 wrote: I am so in tune with this……….yes the world is full of problems at the moment but lets stick to the positives and see them all around us and realise what a wonderful world it is……a world that reflects us as human beings……..we have much to learn but in the meantime enjoy the ride. X
fairykats wrote: Your wisdom cools my fevered brow. Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: So true, my friend, we need just open our awareness to the beautiful kindness all around!
Rajni wrote: What our heart desires intensely, manifest in real world. Thanks for seeing the world through the lens of kindness.
lt33 wrote: Oh what a true sight of kindness that is all around us thank you for the reminder 😍

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