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--by DANCE, posted Dec 13, 2022
Three weeks ago we left a kind card on the table of a beautiful cafe when visiting a lovely town in the south of England.The staff are lovely, food is great, and we liked the atmosphere.
The town has many interesting antique shops so we went back this past week. The kind card was still there looking gorgeous on the same table!!! Couldn't believe it :-) What a fine surprise, and the thought of all the people who have been enjoying!!!!
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pluto178 wrote: How lovely x
Mish wrote: Kindness ripple for many there πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€οΈ
drjoybug wrote: Kind of them to leave it for others to enjoy.
Rajni wrote: Being a teacher, you are teaching people well with this little quote on the card that may have inspired many visitors of the cafe.
mindyjourney wrote: It’s so fun to run across one of the RAKs still around - gifting people 😊.
janfour wrote: that's so nice!!
cheeka wrote: wow, your card has touched so many hearts in those three weeks and still to come!

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