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A Happy Day!

--by cheeka, posted Dec 16, 2022
Today is a day that gave me so much happiness to attend the wedding of Mr. K, an ex-colleague of mine who is visually impaired. About 7 years ago, I was part of a small team that helped hire differently-abled people into our organization.
Mr. K is an accessibility engineer, very successful in his job, very humble and grateful. Mr. K has been mentoring many visually challenged people across the world and has helped so many to get started in their careers.
This morning, as I greeted Mr. K after the formal exchange of vows with his spouse Mrs. D, his joy had no bounds and so was mine. He introduced Mrs. D to me and it turns out that Mrs. D is also visually impaired and she is a successful school teacher. I wished them very well. When I turned around, I met a person who introduced himself as Mrs. D's school teacher from her childhood. He shared his joy of Mrs. D getting married and I shared the joy of Mr. K getting married after I introduced myself to him. He was delighted to hear from me how good Mr. K is, as a human being.

Is it not wonderful that a sprinkle of kindness can bloom, grow, multiply, and unite into many other forms of kindness in this world? That is the joy of kindness.

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DANCE wrote: How VERY KIND, beautiful to read this
pluto178 wrote: How stunning they all look and how well they are doing x
Mish wrote: This is all so lovely, on many levels. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙏❤️
mindyjourney wrote: That is the joy of kindness, my friend! It takes on a life of its own. Congrats to Mr. D and his bride 💕. Long may they live and share their gifts of mentoring the visually impaired. 🙏
Rajni wrote: I was happy to know that marriage place can be a kindness place too. This couple proved that, love and compassion can surpass any disability. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.
dotmatrix wrote: Beautiful post. Thank you. ♥.
unknown wrote: Sounds very good :-) Thank you for sharing this lovely moment of the blessed couple with us.

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