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Looking After The Wild Birds.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Dec 20, 2022
Jack Frost has been out and about at my neck of the woods over the last few nights. A perfect opportunity to hang up lots of fatballs for the wild birds which happily devoured them today.

I also cleaned the birdbaths thoroughly and filled them up with fresh water. Kipped out the water before the frost came in the late afternoon. Will fill them up again tomorrow morning.That is easier than hacking away at the ice which forms during the night. 

I noticed a sparrow with some cotton wool in its beak optimising the wooden bird house as his little family observed him. A sure sign winter is on its way! Please look after the birds that visit your garden this winter even if it is merely by providing some clean water in a small birdbath.
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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: starting our bits her with feeders and baths...
Mish wrote: Happy birds grateful …bless 🙏
pluto178 wrote: Good reminder I must check the water its rained so much I clean forgot about it……….were due snow so excellent timing x
janfour wrote: so easy and so nice - thank you
fairykats wrote: I sat up an old birdbath half buried in the ground during the spring months. Thank you for all you do for the birds.
Rajni wrote: Your taking care of bird bath and birds is a very inspiring kindness.
cheeka wrote: So nice. We fill up fresh water all the time in our lotus pond in front of the house for the birds.
mindyjourney wrote: Every morning I fill feeders and heated birdbath. My feathered friends give me such joy! Thank you for doing too :))
DrJoe wrote: Awesomeness!! My dad and I are avid birders and love looking after and feeding our feathered friends. Thank you for looking out for them as these winter months rapidly approach!
Dennis826 wrote: I`ll look after the birds outside my home as well! Thank you for the idea and motivation :D.

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