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Now I See You

Today I went out for a nice stroll with my husband to tank up on some sunshine and glorious fresh air under trees ablaze with gorgeous autumnal colours. It seems many others had the same idea. Some people greeted us nicely as we passed them by and I gave them a cheery hello and a warm smile, but some passers-by just looked away grumpily. Of course, it is our choice to do the one or the other but wouldn't the world be a much better place, if people did NOT choose to look away in certain situations? For example, when injustices are done? When people are unfairly treated? When somebody is judged for their appearance, creed, religion, actions or beliefs? When crimes are committed? When somebody is involved in an accident and people just drive past and stare rather than administer first-aid or just hold that person's hand as they wait for ... Read Full Story >>

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Free Parking

There was half an hour left on the parking ticket I bought. So, rather than just throw it away, I pushed it into the coin section of the parking ticket machine, in the hope that somebody might get it in time and be able to use it.

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Give And Take.

Today a very old acquaintance I have not seen in absolute donkey's years - an IT specialist - popped by to help me fix a computer issue which I have had for quite a while now. It was lovely to catch up over a few coffees, reminisce and have a laugh as he shared his expertise and plastered my devices with safe and up-to-date software. He gave me a decent price for his good work and I gifted him one of my lucky clovers which I am lucky to find out in nature.

I tend to laminate and give away these little treasures - actually well over 200 so far have put a smile on people's faces. He was thrilled with his five-leaf clover. Hope it brings him an abundance of good luck in whichever way he needs it. We promised each other to make a much better effort of keeping in touch.

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Looking After The Wild Birds.

Jack Frost has been out and about at my neck of the woods over the last few nights. A perfect opportunity to hang up lots of fatballs for the wild birds which happily devoured them today.

I also cleaned the birdbaths thoroughly and filled them up with fresh water. Kipped out the water before the frost came in the late afternoon. Will fill them up again tomorrow morning.That is easier than hacking away at the ice which forms during the night. 

I noticed a sparrow with some cotton wool in its beak optimising the wooden bird house as his little family observed him. A sure sign winter is on its way! Please look after the birds that visit your garden this winter even if it is merely by providing some clean water in a small birdbath.

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Love, Kindness, and Trust

Today I spontaneously gave my husband my most precious pebble - a love-heart-shaped one (that rolled right into my hand after a special moment standing in the sea). This was a gift to emphasize how much I love him. I also asked a family member how I could avoid potential conflicts with her partner over Christmas. The advice that she offered me worked like a charm - not a single argument with him.  Also, as part of a gift to a special young person, I included something that is special to me, and I made an effort to talk to her in-depth, which was special.  People from different generations can learn so much from each other. We had a magical moment observing a wild beaver-like animal eating dandelion leaves on a river bank. She told me what she knew about this wild animal that I was seeing for the first time.  I managed to coax it to eat from my hand and then told her how I did so (remain calm and respectful, approach it slowly, crouch down and hold out my hand).  Grateful for that experience and also to the wild animal that gave me its trust. Kindness all around. Use the chance to be kind. Not only this Christmas but at every opportunity you can 💓

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Love For Our Elders.

Wrote 3 cheery cards to elders who would appreciate some mail from around the world. Was pleased to have the opportunity to use pretty handmade cards an artistic lady gifted me and also pop in some lucky clover.

Thanks to Kindspringer Helen for the tip. If you want to spread some cheer too, check out "letter requests" on the website "Love for our elders". Here is the link.

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Damsel In Distress.

I saw a woman in her 30's crying on the street and asked if everything was OK. She tearfully nodded and put her hand to her back and headed towards the surgical clinic which was close by. It looked like she was in severe pain. Since she wasn`t looking for any help, I silently wished her well.

I had my appendix removed when i was in my 20's. The pain was so bad it was hard to walk and I got a bit tearful and dizzy, but the passers-by just ignored me or gave me strange looks and quickly walked on. Since then, if I see another woman crying in a public place (and I have actually seen a few over the years!) I make a point of asking them if they are OK and need help. Usually they will say " No thanks,  it`s OK" but I think it is important to at least ask. May we all look out for our sisters in need! 

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Two Real Gems At The Petrol Station.

Found a valuable amber ring in the restroom of the petrol / gas station and handed it over to the cashier. Here's hoping the owner of the ring will remember where she left it! 

The cashier was a lovely cheerful soul despite the long queue / line behind me and even went out her way to operate the self-service coffee machine for me. A real gem of a woman. 

Don't you just love seeing beautiful little " kindness ripples" in everyday life?

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