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🥧 Pie? Oh My! 😊

--by mindyjourney, posted Dec 23, 2022

Library held a Pie Making tutorial with all ingredients and materials provided. It took a LOT of time, energy and resources to make this happen, with librarian Sarah doing most of the prep work.

We learned how to make a perfect pie crust, with tips such as adding a bit of vinegar to promote a flaky crust, always work with a well chilled dough, how to create a lattice top, etc…

A free-will offering helped to offset some of the costs, but we wanted to do something extra for Sarah to show our appreciation…

So, we anonymously gifted her a positive message apron. Well... sort of anonymously. MisterM said he was “caught” leaving the gift bag on her chair at the library 😊.


Why not bake a little PIE minded kindness this Thanksgiving?

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DANCE wrote: How lovely and wonderful to learn together
pluto178 wrote: Gosh I wish you were one of my neighbours……..x
pluto178 wrote: I am actually hungry now lol x
Mish wrote: Awesome on every level! 👍❤️
gardengal10 wrote: So pretty. Almost too pretty to eat. All gone? :)))
janfour wrote: beautiful pie
Dennis826 wrote: The pie looks delicious. Looks like a great class, wish I was there!
petroskryf wrote: A lovely initiative and beautiful pics.
unknown wrote: She so deserves it ... looks yum :-) thank you for doing this :-p
butterkind wrote: Wow!!!

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