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Love For Our Elders.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Jan 8, 2023
Wrote 3 cheery cards to elders who would appreciate some mail from around the world. Was pleased to have the opportunity to use pretty handmade cards an artistic lady gifted me and also pop in some lucky clover.

Thanks to Kindspringer Helen for the tip. If you want to spread some cheer too, check out "letter requests" on the website "Love for our elders". Here is the link.
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Rajni wrote: We all know that elders dearly deserve our love. Your cards will definitely make someone happy and feel loved.
barbaramadison53 wrote: That is really sweet!
unknown wrote: Thank you for doing this. I think I will write a few handwritten cards finally and send them across the globe to a few friends yonder :-)
mindyjourney wrote: So lovely to remember those who would otherwise be forgotten. Thank you!
SissyLee wrote: I did not know about this elder-writing project. I love it. I am going to do it. If I had a 1000 kbs, I would give them to you for telling us about it!
Mish wrote: Time so well spent 👏🏻
fairykats wrote: I am going to look into this, thank you!
cabbage wrote: Getting cards in the mail is the BEST cheery thing ever :-) Thank you for doing that.
cabbage wrote: Thank you for sharing the link "love for our elders"--wonderful.

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