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❄️ Dangerous Weather Brings Kindness Opportunities 🚙

--by mindyjourney, posted Jan 21, 2023

With temps in the double minus digits, wind chills of -48 fahrenheit and blowing snow squalls, it’s life threatening here in the Hills.

We braved the roads and nasty conditions for an overnight in Rapid City, hoping to beat the storm, so MisterM could keep an appointment that had already been rescheduled once due to inclement weather.

Woke up to a dead car battery, so a kind traveler (stranded at the hotel due to interstate closing) gave us a jump.

Then, as we were leaving, a young man asked the desk clerk if they had jumper cables - they didn’t.

“We do!” I responded.

When MisterM returned from bringing our vehicle around to the hotel door, I told him the situation.

He offered, saying, “Well, I needed a jump this morning and now it’s my turn to repay the favor.”

Kindness is like that sometimes. You give what you receive, almost instantaneously!

❄️ A lot of folks are being negatively impacted with harsh holiday travel conditions. Bless all with a safe journey 🙏.

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drjoybug wrote: Stay safe my friend
fairykats wrote: I know, Mindy, it is really bad--mostly because it is Christmas and everyone has another place to be! Down to 19F tonight or so, but bless you--I cannot complain. Love and hugs
petroskryf wrote: Warm kindness in freezing conditions, what a lovely story. I heard about the extreme cold conditions in the US on CNN’s news feeds. Please take care, especially on the roads.
Mish wrote: The warmth of kind hearts ❤️ ☀️ ❤️
pluto178 wrote: The problem with payback we may well of forgotten it many years ago and are surprised by our good fortune and yet other times the same day brings results……..either way its good to help and expect help will come to you when needed. So glad this happened for you have a wonderful Christmas x
lt33 wrote: Oh my Mindy yes winter storms are bad here too but wow you guys have it way worse I'm glad you had safe travels to get Mr Mindy to his Dr appointment yes they can be rough to reschedule then you'd have to wait months again to get one at least its like that here 3 months to get a specialist appointment
ado wrote: Amazing weather. Beautiful kindness going full circle. Thank you.
janfour wrote: glad you were helped and able to help also - keep warm and safe
butterkind wrote: That’s very nice. Stay safe you all. 💕
DANCE wrote: Glad you managed, stay safe

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