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Blessed To Receive

--by heartofflesh, posted Jan 23, 2023
Recently a good friend of mine, who is doing Ministry for Jesus Christ asked for my pant and shirt sizes. I gave it slightly puzzled. A week go I received a parcel of a readymade full pant and shirt of high quality.

I always found it easier to give than receive. When you receive with gratitude the giver is blessed. We should learn to give s well as receive. The source is the same.

Thank you for everything in life.
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pluto178 wrote: When you receive with gratitude the giver is blessed too… win a great phrase I shall remember x
Mish wrote: It is a kind act to receive…you make the giver happy 🥰. Enjoy your lovely gift 🎁
mindyjourney wrote: So true…receiving/giving - it is the same :))

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