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Love, Kindness, and Trust

--by 4abetterworld, posted Jan 26, 2023
Today I spontaneously gave my husband my most precious pebble - a love-heart-shaped one (that rolled right into my hand after a special moment standing in the sea). This was a gift to emphasize how much I love him. I also asked a family member how I could avoid potential conflicts with her partner over Christmas. The advice that she offered me worked like a charm - not a single argument with him.  Also, as part of a gift to a special young person, I included something that is special to me, and I made an effort to talk to her in-depth, which was special.  People from different generations can learn so much from each other. We had a magical moment observing a wild beaver-like animal eating dandelion leaves on a river bank. She told me what she knew about this wild animal that I was seeing for the first time.  I managed to coax it to eat from my hand and then told her how I did so (remain calm and respectful, approach it slowly, crouch down and hold out my hand).  Grateful for that experience and also to the wild animal that gave me its trust. Kindness all around. Use the chance to be kind. Not only this Christmas but at every opportunity you can 💓
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Mish wrote: That’s full of special 💗
Rajni wrote: Christmas is the spirit that lasts each moment of our life if we live Christmas every moment, everyday.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience of yours and giving us lessons to learn from it and be kinder, always
mindyjourney wrote: Every day brings such wonderful opportunities. Grateful you found such lovelies today! :)))
pluto178 wrote: You have brought a tear to my eye………..this is so the real you…. Gentle, kind and thoughtful………..pebbles are also very precious to me so to have given yours away is such a wonderful gesture I am full of hope. Have a wonderful day x
DANCE wrote: Beautiful kindness

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