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Litter By The Lake.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Feb 10, 2023
Today I went for a lovely walk around a lake and enjoyed an apple on a bench where the views were fantastic. It must be a popular spot as there was quite a bit of litter at my feet. Picked it all up using a clean hanky and deposited it in the bin right behind the bench! All it took was 20 seconds of my time. A tiny act of kindness which demonstrated my appreciation and respect to nature and other walkers who will enjoy the view all the more. Maybe my post will encourage you to do the same.
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Rajni wrote: Your kindness is very inspiring, May others get inspired to follow suit.

Apart from removing litter from public places. Putting durable sign "Please do not litter, use dust bin / garbage can instead" would be a great kindness to encourage others, if such sign is not there.

mindyjourney wrote: Wherever we are we can choose to make a positive difference :). Thank you for doing.
dotmatrix wrote: Well done, you. ♥.
janfour wrote: thank you for making the area nice for others
Dennis826 wrote: Thanks for doing this. The local critters are probably thanking you too for it.
Mish wrote: Spot on 👌🏻❤️
scully wrote: Thanks for making the world cleaner
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for showing your respect for nature in this way.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Well done and thnaks for sharing!
pluto178 wrote: I cannot imagine doing something like dropping litter its so incredibly selfish I would rather fill my pockets till I get home than drop it anywhere but the bin………thanks for cleaning up others acts. X

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