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--by 4abetterworld, posted Feb 14, 2023
So, I have been indulging in a spot of therapy over the last 2 weeks in an effort to try to get over a life bump, so that I can feel good within myself and find more strength for my steps ahead.

The first day here I just could not stop crying at the breakfast table and another woman was very kind to me. Most people - even the younger ones tend to be there for each other when needed which is highly admirable. 

Today one of the older women had a bit of a breakdown during lunch and rushed out of the room with her plate in hand. I asked her if she was OK as she went past me but she could not answer. So, I signalled to a young girl to go after her to check and see if she was OK.

Glad she did and I really hope it helped. I can only imagine it is really hard for all of us in one way or another as we all have our own stories and do not know each other properly.

Whether we do or don't get to know each other is another matter and at the end of the day, it really does not matter. For now we are all ships in a harbour and are getting our torn sails mended before we are able to sail off to calmer waters. Although some days are easier than others, it takes time, a lot of patience and the right expert guidance.

Please say a little prayer today for those with mental health issues 💓 Oh yes... during my first week here, I bought a nice potted plant at the local market for the TV room. Today I was thrilled to see it was in full bloom!!! I have learnt so far that every today has special little moments.
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pluto178 wrote: Wow your amazing go for it………..we all get out of synch to me its just life not mental health issues……we all get struck down by something at some time…… are setting a good standard though in stepping up like this. I know it will go well for you and you will understand yourself more at the end of it. The pot plant is sending you rather a nice message. Good luck x
4abetterworld wrote: True. Lol!
mindyjourney wrote: We are all children of the Universe and the journey is often…bumpy. Grateful we have the support of each other 😊. Oh, yes, those green growing friends 🪴 are such encouragers!
Mish wrote: We all need a “safe harbor” from time to time. Glad you are taking good care of yourself. Bless. ❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: I am glad you have somewhere safe to go.
Dennis826 wrote: Glad you are taking care of yourself and making steps to feel better. Pluto178 makes a great point that everyone gets out of synch at some point in their life and that`s it not always a mental health issue, but sometimes it`s just getting through a difficult transition/phase.
Rajni wrote: Ups and downs are part of our life they are due to our karma. Living a life helping others makes our life worthwhile. You are not mending yourself but helping others with your kind acts to mend their own. Seeing the lady go out with plate and sensing danger and sending young girl to assist her is greatly appreciated.
Pen wrote: Life can be particularly tough, especially if you are living with the label of "mental illness. Personally I hate labels as they box you and make you identify yourself as the illness - which you definitely aren't. You are SO MUCH MORE! Remember the saying "this too shall pass" and hold onto hope. There is always hope for a brighter future, a happier more contented day, and for healing and wholeness. We are all broken for OUR GOOD and if we heal ourselves with love, we are more beautiful for having been broken. Sending you gentle yet firm hugs and lots of love. Have a day filled with gratitude and joy today xx
4abetterworld wrote: Thanks my dears. I cannot answer you all individually as my Internet connection is very slow! Yes, for now the focus is on me and I am embracing the opportunity to do so, even although the setting is challenging as I sense tensions and negativity from troubled people dealing with their own baggage and that is hard when you are a little bit of an empath. And the further challenge is trying to curb my "helper's syndrome" at times. I have also realised some people are suspicious of kindness, be it a simple smile, greeting in the passing or a little deed. It does sadden me (especially as I am on a ward with young people who probably have not experienced much warmth in their lives so far) but I am trying to be tolerant and patient. We are all on our own journeys! Mine is here for now and even though I have often been tempted to cancel the remaining therapy and check out, I will take the help and guidance that I feel will make me more "whole" for my future journey. Hugs to you all my dear KS tribe 💓.
pluto178 wrote: I am so glad you know you don’t have to be everyones helper…. Help yourself first right now and others later…..or not…..its sometimes a way of life to be overly helpful a tag I seemed to have acquired somewhere along the line. So its just you …all about you……forget everyone else including our advice lol….its quite freeing not to feel you have to step up and be the one who helps everyone……oddly it was on a counselling course I was taught to just say NO………repeat that three times when you feel yourself stepping forward. No replies necessary you have enough to cope with. Thinking of you x

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