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🏑 Community First! Village ❀️

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 8, 2023

“An African proverb tells us it takes a village to raise a child. At Community First! Village they believe people of all ages need that sense of connection to thrive and that "the single greatest cause of homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family." At the village the homeless are provided with shelter and sustenance but more importantly they receive a purpose and a home. Community First! Village is not temporary housing. It is a commonwealth of people ready to welcome each new citizen into their lives.” from via KarmaTube

🏑 Finally! Realized my intent of visiting Community First! Village, in Austin, TX, which is a development of the Mobile Fishes and Loaves food trucks - that serve those in need.

CoVid halted our previous attempts to take the tour, but this year it was a go! Made our reservations, along with a donation, and with Siri as our guide, found the Village just fine, and only about 20 minutes from our son and daughter-in-law’s home.

We met in the 3D printed office building (very cool!) for an informative introduction by Senior Hospitality Manager - Ed Travis, who also conducted our golf cart site tour.

Even though we had to split into 2 carts, due to a malfunction of the BIG cart, the remedy was swift and we witnessed firsthand the cooperation essential to keep a community this size (and growing!) running efficiently.

Toured a park model home, a tiny home, an outdoor community kitchen, outdoor cinema, drove by the gardens, neighbor memorial and eventually the Market, where I purchased an eclectic assortment of items, crafted by neighbors in the Village - one of the many ways to earn dignified income within the community.

There was so much to see and experience, that next time we might have to stay at the B&B there, which is quite an interesting assortment of spaces. Hopefully, we can be of service and volunteer during our stay.

If you’d like to take the video tour of this 51 acre master planned community and its vision for the future, please click on the link:

πŸ’• We can choose to make a positive difference, wherever we are in the world. My husband and I currently volunteer at local food bank/thrift store, library, senior center, Mindy’s Origami Peace Dove mission, online and contribute to various worldwide supports, but are always heart-open aware of more opportunities to serve. Our visit to the Village has planted even more seeds of inspiration.

πŸ’• Without the kindness of others and our intervention, a dear family member was a step away from being homeless. It can happen to anyone, anytime…

Bless all those in need and the communities of supportive connection πŸ™.

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DANCE wrote: How very interesting to read about this!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for visiting the community village. And for making a difference in so many lives, dear Mindy.
pluto178 wrote: A fabulous thing all round x
TheHuman wrote: Super πŸ™‚
Mish wrote: We need more communities like this …vitally needed. So true, homelessness can happen to anyone, anytime. Glad you were able to tour there & offer support πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
scully wrote: Lovely that you continue to go to the places that you are called to go Mindy!
gardengal10 wrote: Quite impressive!
sissylee wrote: Nice!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you so much for sharing about this Mindy! It makes my heart sing!
dotmatrix wrote: Would love to see this kind of beautiful community spread to every corner of the world. Thanks for sharing it, Mindy. Great collage. β™₯.

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