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Counting Those Blessings.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 8, 2023
In one and a half days I fly the "Nest" here and had fun buying and wrapping up a couple of gifts for some lovely people: Choccies for the 2 cleaning ladies. I will especially miss the little blonde lady with the husky voice who is a real sunshine - just like her name - Sonja. And I will miss the man in the wheelchair who has piercings and sometimes feathers as piercings. We had a lovely deep conversation today. He is very kind, genuine and clever. I think I will gift him a painting I made. Hope to catch him tomorrow when he is having a cigarette outside his building. I also made a gift for myself - a lovely homemade bracelet made of glass beads. I realised that there are many other gifts: recognising the light in the darkness, self-care, hope, faith and gratitude. And the chance to get out of my comfort zone and achieve little goals. Things are getting better. 💓
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