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🌊 Good Vibes On The Tides 😊

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 9, 2023

Grateful to have traversed the icy conditions from Austin to Port Aransas, Texas, even though the cold and rain lingeed for a few days.

And now?

Now the sun is shining. Surf is calming. And LIFE IS GOOD!

We are considered “winter Texans,” since we come here from a cold/wintery place to the relative warmth of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Being near the ocean, I’ve not only been giving origami Peace Doves, but have reacquainted myself on how to fold turtles, sailboats and even chapels - in honor of Chapel of the Dunes, so to give more area appropriate. Will have to revisit how to make dolphins too :).

Folks seem to appreciate the extra effort and connection. I have made a few special packets to give to the waitstaff at various restaurants, and of course, a few of the $ bill models (recently learned for our son’s birthday) are popular.

Sally, owner of the Gratitude Shop, remembered the Peace Doves and was pleased with my gift of various origami. Always have FUN in her shop, that is brimming with positive vibes. Donated to the Blessing Box outside her business with some socks and foodstuffs for those in need.

Enjoying every moment of our vacation and each connection made. Grateful and blessed 🙏.

*Amazing to witness the transformation of Port A from the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, when we first visited. Such resilience and drive!

**Thank you, dear KindSpring family, for the honor of being selected as Community Member of the Week 😊. You ALL journey with me wherever I am, close in heart ❤️.

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Helenconnell2 wrote: Sounds so lovely - enjoy!
petroskryf wrote: Enjoy every day, dear Mindy!
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like your enjoying every minute ….I love the pics they did make me smile. X
Mish wrote: You & MisterM are wonderful Ambassadors of Kindness ❤️
TheHuman wrote: Super 🙂

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