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--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 16, 2023
Yesterday was pretty nice in so many respects. I went to the animal shelter to do some cat-cuddling for a couple of hours and was rewarded with lots of kitty kisses and snuggles. I also left a little blanket which I had knitted myself for a very sweet stray cat there that I was sure would appreciate it on a cold night.

Also had a proper catch-up with a very good friend over a cuppa tea and her sandwiches and my tangerine and chocolate. She gave me a little bunch of flowers with a get well card which was so thoughtful and kind. Oh yes, I also found a lucky stone from the Universe which made me smile. So many beautiful gifts. 

After that I bought a few more hygiene articles for women and babies for my care package for the earthquake survivors in Turkey and put them into the box I had been filling up over a few days. The district I was in has a large Turkish community, so I enquired in a Turkish shop about where I could deposit a box of hygiene articles so it would get to the earthquake survivors OK. I thought maybe they would send a lorry straight there.

The man in the shop took me around the corner to the local mosque. I was a bit shy about going inside and waited by the door. A lovely Turkish lady in her traditional clothing came over to me and said unfortunately logistics were difficult and money donations would be more effective at the moment. But she emphasised how kind it was of me, took my donation to see who she could pass it onto and asked if she could hug me.

We did. It was a beautiful heartfelt hug and felt very special. I said her homeland was in my thoughts and that I would light a wee candle for the people affected by the earthquake. I have put it into my nice candle holder with a moon on it. 

Going to light that little candle now which is beside my bunch of flowers from my friend. I also have a candle for Syria and will think especially of a former student of mine who came over here as a refugee a few years ago. She and her countrymen and women are also in my thoughts.🙏🏻💗
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