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Super Sunday 2023, Kindness,I ...

--by Rajni, posted Mar 16, 2023
Super Sunday 2023, Kindness,

I don`t watch games or follow the news about them. Instead, I play the game of kindness, and I never lose. I have a pretty good record, right? We all have a good record:

Sent inspiring emails to about 200 of my contact friends and relatives.

Filled up water trays for the birds and monkeys .

Prayed for the well being of a relative of my divine sister for her quick recovery, and made a get well soon card.

Picked up some recyclable items and disposed them properly.

Gave biscuit packets, milk, and soap to those in need.

One young student was waiting near a footpath outside the Sunday Farmer’s market. He was using his cell phone. I give him a quote card and asked if I can talk about positive thinking? He nodded yes. I told him the story of a lady that shows how intense our positive thinking can be. When I tried to give him a booklet on positive thinking, he said he already has it.

Inside the farmer’s market, I gave many quote cards to buyers and shoppers. I told one shopper the story of how intense our positive thinking can be and gave him some quote cards and a Valentine’s Day card to pay it forward.

On the way back home, I gave the remaining cookie packet, milk and soap to one needy family.

I bought organic vegetables to encourage producers.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for sending all these opportunities my way and for guiding and helping me.

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thehuman wrote: Thank you 🎂
MotherMary wrote: Nice work!
tulip wrote: Positive thinking 💚 leads our way
DANCE wrote: You never loose :-) Thank u dear
Mish wrote: A day well spent by you with kindness ❤️
Lovebeingkind wrote: Beautiful! 💗
petroskryf wrote: Super kindness indeed
mindyjourney wrote: You are the MVP of kindness, dear brother Rajni! :)
cabbage wrote: You always have a SUPER KINDNESS DAY!
TheHuman wrote: Thank You 🙂

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